Caring for Others Is Refreshing

We offer medical laundry services in Phoenix, AZ

When it comes to providing medical care, closing time isn't an option. Your job doesn't stop and neither do we. Because of this, ValleyWide Linen Service provides a 24-hour medical laundry service in Phoenix, AZ that is dedicated to working around your unique schedule. You're dedicated to helping others live a life of quality. That begins with clean clothing, sheets and other linen items. We make sure to have your items clean and ready for your patients.

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ValleyWide Linen Service makes your job easier

ValleyWide Linen Service makes your job easier

While you're caring for members of our community, the last thing you need to worry about is dirty laundry. From medical uniforms to soiled linen items, we have you covered. Our specialized staff will handle the wash process, which is guaranteed to meet all healthcare standards. When you choose our medical linen services in Phoenix, AZ, we'll:

  • Pick up your soiled items in a timely fashion
  • Wash, sanitize and dry your items
  • Fold all items for you
  • Deliver your items directly to you

Ready for medical laundry service? We offer services ranging from once to twice a week. Call 602-740-5173 to discuss your business needs.